Monday, January 10, 2011

The Karaoke of Blog Death Fuck thing.

In order to further myself in all things, I have taken it upon myself to join this Karaoke of Death Blog thing.

My video can be seen here One Red Wall.

As for the main attraction...

Hey everyone, Tabs from Geeky Ambiguous Me back again for another round of karoke. Clearly, posting this time on the awesome Owen's blog. Seriously, if you don't know how awesome he is, you should just read his post on Team Awesome. I decided to go back to my angsty days for this one. Initially, I wanted to do Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons (if you haven't heard it, go listen. It's AWESOME), but I couldn't remember the lyrics well enough. So I chose this one. I actually tried to you know, get a little more into the song this time. Thus my poorly done rocking out and pretending I'm cool. Seriously, you can laugh your ass off at me. I know I am.

Also, I'm not very good at singing rap-ish type stuff, so you'll have to excuse that.

Thanks to the amazing Sara Nipples for arranging this (and with having the plague no less!). You're hot.

- Tabs.

20sb Karoke Blogring January from Tabs Geek on Vimeo.


  1. Cute! (who describes papa roach as cute?)

  2. I love this song!! And that's exactly how I headbang in my car when I'm singing it!

    It's funny listening to your sweet voice sing a song like this, too. :)

  3. Haha, I used to secretly listen to this song in my car because I was too embarrassed to admit I liked it... Classic!! I like your version much better than the original though. :)

  4. Ah love it! This song reminds me of hs and for some reason our cheerleaders did a thing to this.

  5. Great job! I loved this song so hard in the ninth grade. Recently I heard it on the radio and was surprised how much of the lyrics I remembered.

  6. Aww thanks everyone, you're too kind (seriously... it definitely wasn't the best choice for my voice).

    I think I am *slowly* starting to get more comfortable with this whole karoke thing.

  7. Seriously? Didn't we all love this song at one point? Angry teenage drama and stuff... ah... Also, you're adorable, and your voice is adorable, and I swear I could envision you turning Papa Roach songs into theatrical musicals. That would be AWESOME... and cute. Lol. :)

  8. hahaha wonderful. I love how you describe this as emo, because I think the most emo I ever got was Goo Goo Dolls emo. *nothardcore*


  9. haha that was pretty much pure awesomeness.